Our Story

We are creating a Sustainable Fashion Hub, because it’s yours and our responsibility to save our Mother Earth. Let’s not make our fashion choices destroy our planet. Join us & be the change! Let’s re-define the Fashion Industry with Circularity & Sustainability. 

Why Earth Fashionist?

Did you know you eat plastics daily with salt and fish, because of what you wear? Did you know Fashion industry has become the 2nd largest Earth polluter? Did you know that we all are responsible for this massive pollution? That’s why Earth Fashionist is enhancing the life span of your existing fashion items and helping you to find sustainable fashion solutions to reduce the carbon emission of each one of you. 

When you buy sustainable and preloved fashion items, you support saving our Mother Earth. You reduce waste and support Climate Action. 

When you buy from us, we plant trees for you with Thuru.lk.

When you buy the donated items from us, you support underprivileged school children.